Kindergarten leave: Is it necessary for children


In the summer, many adults go on vacation. They look forward to this time to have a good break from work. Not all people go to other cities or countries. Many stay in their usual places and don’t rush anywhere and read But do children who go to kindergarten need a vacation? The answer to this question can be found in this article. 

Is it possible to attend kindergarten in the summer

You can, since kindergarten continues to work. The usual teachers may also go on vacation, so they are replaced by others. There is a widespread reduction in the number of classes held. 

If a child goes to kindergarten, it’s safe to leave him there until August 31. After her child will go straight to school. In the preparatory group the child will be under constant supervision and will learn everything you need to enter the first grade.

No one forbids taking a younger child to kindergarten. He will socialize with his peers, play with them and walk around the playground. Such socialization will help him better integrate into new groups in the future and not be overwhelmed. The child will also be able to take part in various themed activities. 

But does the child need so much work? Of course not. Like any other person, he needs rest and a change of scenery. It is recommended to go with your child to a sanatorium, to the sea or to visit relatives at home. In all these places he will be able to relax and enjoy nature. 

Why do children need a vacation

For an adult, kindergarten is a place to rest. The child is taken there in the early morning and taken away only in the evening. He plays, does simple activities and sleeps during the day. Children are not given homework or grades for their work. Teachers try to entice children as much as possible and take them to different classes, exhibitions, etc. 

But this is only from an adult’s point of view. Kindergarten for a child – this is the same stress as the school. There he faces a completely different environment. There are no parents nearby, he is surrounded by strangers who need to obey. Also, he should not forget about his peers, whose interests must be taken into account. All this causes a strong strain on the nervous system.

It is because of this that the child after kindergarten looks tired. At the same time he could play all day. If the load on his nervous system will be too great, then after a while the child may notice the following:

  • tearfulness;
  • apathy;
  • irritability;
  • aggression.

If parents do not want to bring their child to this, then he needs a vacation. Even in the most beautiful kindergarten there is not the same atmosphere as at home. Preschoolers need as much time as possible to spend with their parents, because these moments will be remembered for life. 

How to take a vacation

The best option is a trip to the countryside together. For example, on a lake or the sea. The main thing is that the child is near his parents and in nature. In sunny weather the body gets vitamin D, which is extremely useful for health. In addition, fresh air hardens the body, so that the child begins to get sick less often.

If parents do not have the opportunity to visit these places, it is enough to just walk down the street. After all, there are a lot of activities. The child can:

  1. Ride a bike or scooter.
  2. Play at the playground.
  3. Run along with parents.

Rest of the child must be photographed. Photos will remain in the memory. Do not forget about the child’s opinion. Be sure to find out what he wants.